Peace and Comfort, Our Way of Caring
Patient Care

Additional Care

In addition to the care team and special services, Vantage hospice will also provide:

On Call:

On call services are an afterhours program provides nursing and psychosocial staff to ensure any issues or concerns can be addressed at all times, each are available to make visits when there is a change in condition or crisis.

24 Hour Follow-Up:

Once a patient is admitted to hospice services, a dedicated nurse will visit within the first 24 hours to ensure medications and equipment has arrived, to address any issues or concerns that may have occurred since admission, and to provide additional support and education.


Medications are delivered to the home of the patient in order to ensure physical comfort is maintained and symptoms controlled.

Medical Equipment:

We provide medical equipment including, but not limited to, a specialized medical bed, oxygen, wheelchair, walker, bedside table, and shower chair.


We provide supplies for hygiene such as diapers, chux, gloves, lotion, hair care and oral care supplies.


After the patient passes away, Vantage Hospice will remain available to the family for the next 13 months to provide continued support through the family’s grieving process