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Respite is designed for patients who live at home with their family and provides up to 5 days of care at a contracted nursing facility.

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Continuous Care

Continuous care is designed to assist with symptom control of a patient who has not been responsive to medication changes in the plan of care.

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In-Patient Care

In-Patient care is provided when a patient is in crisis and symptoms are better managed at a facility wherein 24 hour nursing is available.

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Routine Home Care

The basis of standardized hospice care; home visits by interdisciplinary team members to manage the overall well-being of patient and family

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Palliative Care

Palliative care can be provided at any stage of a serious illness, with the goal of improving quality of life for both the patient and family.

About Us

Vantage Hospice is dedicated to providing care and services that address needs such as support, reassurance, counseling, education, and resources that will guide and assist the patient and family through this journey.

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Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects one in eight people in the United States, and over half of those aged 65 or older. Severe hearing loss can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life. Yet, so few people are aware of the signs and symptoms of hearing loss that they allow their hearing to get increasingly worse before seeking treatment. 

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Vantage Hospice Expands Services to Include Palliative Care

Since 2011, Vantage Hospice has offered in-patient, at-home, continuous, and respite care to patients with life-limiting illness in the greater Houston area. Now approaching its 10th anniversary, the company has announced that it has expanded its services to include palliative care. 

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Have You Registered to Become an Organ Donor?

Modern medicine is incredible – the success rate for organ transplants continues to rise, doubling and quadrupling patients’ chances of survival compared to those on the waiting list in some cases.  Unfortunately, the transplant waiting list is growing at a rate faster than organs are being donated. 

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