About Us

Vantage Hospice originated as a mutual interest between several business owners whose passion for palliative care was driven by the challenge to establish a highly functioning, quality-based program with a primary goal centered on genuine values and exceptional care.

As a result, Vantage Hospice developed an initial set of core values that would become the foundation of their future success:


Commitment To Quality Care:

The patients, the families, and the facilities that allow us into their home are a priority. Their needs are unique and Vantage believes it essential to maintain quality, stability, and balance by requiring a knowledgeable and compassionate team with core values that compliment this commitment.


Sharing Team Attitude:

Every employee plays an equal and vital role in hospice care. Prior attitudes in palliative care have encouraged the community to focus on hospice as a “nurse-driven” field. However, each employee shares in the responsibility of maintaining the quality of the whole. Vantage supports and encourages ideas, critiques, and changes from all staff that will increase quality of care to the patients and their families; as well as, ways in which to ensure all staff are created equal and valuable.


Commitment To Learning:

Vantage has established a priority among its employees that education and continued learning is key to maintaining genuine quality. As a result, Vantage encourages each employee to take advantage NHPCO membership and complete any certifications, licensures, and training that will assist in higher education and personal development.


Openness, Trust, Respect:

Vantage has established an open communication policy between all staff, patients, families, facilities, and the community in order to build a long-standing and trusting relationship between each. Reputation is key to establishing a strong and enduring foundation.



Hospice is a career requiring tremendous flexibility as every day may change minute to minute. Each employee understands that emergencies may occur that require initiative and follow-up immediately. In return, Vantage understands that employees have situations that may also require flexibility from them. Every day is a challenge in hospice; there are no “norms”.

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