20 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hospice Provider

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End-of-life can be an overwhelming experience for many patients and their families.  The right hospice can help alleviate some of this stress.  Be sure the hospice provider you choose meets your needs by asking these questions.

  1. Where are services provided?  
  1. What services are provided? 
  1. What makes this hospice different from other hospice programs?  
  1. How quickly can we expect a response from the hospice team if we require assistance or need a question answered?  What about on weekends and holidays? 
  1. How do you respond to emergency situations? 
  1. If we decide to go with this hospice, how long will it take for a plan of care to be determined? 
  1. Upon starting with this hospice, how quickly can we expect pain and/or symptoms to be managed?
  1. What happens if medications prescribed don’t seem to be alleviating pain or symptoms? 
  1. If there is a need to relocate the patient to an inpatient facility, how will that be addressed?
  1. Is there anything the hospice doesn’t provide that we may require? 
  1. Should we expect to pay any out of pocket expenses?  If so, for what? 
  1. How often will hospice team members visit? How long will visits last? 
  1. Will our hospice team members stay consistent throughout our time with the hospice? 
  1. When medication is ordered, will a family member need to pick it up or will the hospice team member drop it off? 
  1. Does the hospice provide any training to family caregivers?
  1. If the family caregiver needs a break, can the hospice provide respite care? 
  1. What kind of help do your volunteers provide?
  1. What bereavement services do you offer? 
  1. If we are unhappy with any aspect of care, who can we contact?
  2. Do you have any references who would be willing to speak with us about the level of care they received? 
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