5 Meaningful Activities to Do with Someone who is Terminally Ill

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It’s not uncommon to feel at a loss of things to say or do around someone who is terminally ill.  Regardless of your loved one’s physical or mental ability, here are 5 meaningful activities you can do to show your care, love, and support. 

  1. Spend time with nature.  If your loved one is up for it, take a stroll outside.  Nature is a mood booster and often brings feelings of peace and positive energy to those who immerse themselves in it.  If walking is too much, try sitting out on the patio for a change of scenery. 
  1. Create a scrapbook. Bring back old memories by sifting through photos together.  You can let your loved one choose his favorites and assist with picking out paper colors and decor for the scrapbook pages. 
  1. Give the gift of touch.  Ask your loved one if it would be okay for you to rub his back or give him a mini neck, hand, or foot massage.  Touch provides many benefits including decreased stress, blood pressure, and heart rate.  Most importantly, it eases the transition between life and death and provides your loved one with a sense of peace.
  1. Enjoy an at home concert. Compile Youtube concert clips or music videos featuring your loved one’s favorite musicians.  Then, broadcast them on the TV or wall using a projector.  
  1. Host a living funeral.  Invite friends and family to celebrate your loved one by sharing stories about the impact he’s had on their lives.  Living funerals are still a foreign concept to many but those open to them are grateful for the sense of closure they provide, for the terminally ill and those surrounding him.  
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