Get-Togethers While Coping with a Terminally Ill Loved One

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It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you have a terminally ill loved one. Family get-togethers can be especially difficult because it’s hard enough to deal with your own emotions, and even more challenging when you’re trying to put on a happy face for everyone else.

If you have a loved one suffering from a terminal illness, you are undoubtedly trying to cope with a variety of emotions. Whatever you’re feeling, know that it is not your fault that you feel this way, and there is no need to hide these emotions from the people around you.

Family and friends are an essential part of our lives. They don’t always have the right words to say, but a simple outing will do wonders for bringing you comfort when your emotions feel heavy! If talking isn’t your thing right now, consider outings that don’t revolve around conversation, such as holiday light viewings, movie watching, or apple picking.

Journaling, joining a support group, or speaking with a counselor or therapist are great ways to work through your own emotions. But, ultimately, it’s important to find a connection with the outside world. When you withdraw into yourself, it’s more likely that your feelings will get bottled up (which can lead to even more significant problems down the road). Make it your goal this holiday season to connect with at least one person every day, whether a family member, friend, or co-worker.

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