Hospice Philosophy

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End-of-Life can be an overwhelming experience for many patients and their families. Vantage Hospice is dedicated to providing care and services that address needs such as support, reassurance, counseling, education, and resources that will guide and assist the patient and family through this journey.

Hospice Values Care

Many people believe that hospice is a place where the last days of life are spent; however, this is not the case. Hospice is based on a philosophy of care that focuses primarily on the comfort of the individual and the family. To achieve this hospice provides physical, emotional, and spiritual care to the individual nearing end-of-life and also provides education and support to their loved ones. An interdisciplinary team is coordinated to provide each of these aspects of care and will travel to wherever the individual lives or chooses to live.

Hospice Values Self-Determination

The individual and the family always have a right to self-determination. To take away that right would oppose the hospice philosophy. You have the right to make decisions regarding all aspects of care. Hospice will provide you with education, advice, and knowledge based on experience; however, the choice to follow that guidance is ultimately the decision of the individual or the family, not hospice.

Hospice is a Process

Not every person is the same. There are many variations that affect how an individual will travel through their end-of-life experience. Hospice will address each issue or symptom as they occur and make changes as needed. While there are many commonalities in the disease process and the way the body will transition, there are also factors that make each person unique that can cause variations. Some of these include; mental and emotional health, as well as personality. Hospice will guide, educate, and support the individual and their loved ones through all aspects of care as symptoms and changes occur.

Hospice is Accepting

There are a multitude of cultural, religious, and spiritual beliefs in our society. Hospice accepts each family regardless of their background or beliefs and walks them through their journey without judgment. Hospice also understands the value of those beliefs as they relate to comfort and reassurance at end-of-life; therefore, will encourage and support the individual and family in those beliefs and traditions.

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