Quality Over Quantity of Life – Goals of Hospice Care

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Receiving a terminal illness diagnosis may completely derail life goals, not just for the patient but for the family as a whole. Hospice Care allows the patient and family to shift perspective and focus on a new set of goals revolving around the quality of life rather than quantity of life. These goals are outlined below.

Pain and Symptom Management: Hospice Care does not treat disease. Instead, it treats disease symptoms. In this way, the patient can enjoy his final days as pain-free as possible, surrounded by loved ones. 

Mental and Emotional Comfort: The counseling aspect is unique to hospice and palliative care disciplines. A counselor is available around the clock to help the patient and his family come to terms with the diagnosis. A counselor remains accessible even after the patient has passed to help the family cope with the loss. 

Spiritual Fulfillment: For patients who embrace spirituality, hospice care provides spiritual counseling as well. Spiritual counseling often helps to calm and uplift the patient and family members who may be experiencing feelings of guilt and confusion during this stage of life.

Dignified Death: The Hospice Care team speaks at length with the patient to ensure it understands his wishes for a peaceful transition. With this information, the Hospice Care team can provide the ideal end-of-life experience for both the patient and his family. 

Hospice Care is an invaluable service that focuses on quality of life over quantity of life. If you have any questions regarding hospice care or wish to request an evaluation for you or a loved one, contact us. 

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