The Best Exercises for Seniors

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The benefits of regular exercise are endless, but as we age, exercises we were once able to do are not quite as accessible.  If you’re looking for ways to stay active, read on! 

  1. Water aerobics is a fantastic way to get a workout in without putting extra stress on your joints.  Water provides light resistance which makes for a great strength workout as well.  Some water exercises to try include jogging, flutter kicking, leg lifts, and arm curls. 
  2. Yoga is another great exercise for seniors, but can be difficult if you tend to have trouble getting up and down.  Chair yoga, is a modified version of yoga which allows participants to practice from a chair rather than the floor.  It’s said to improve strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility, as well as mental health.  For those interested, Yogaleena Houston offers a virtual chair yoga course each week: 
  3. Walking is an often underrated form of exercise but it’s a fantastic way to get your blood pumping and it’s easy on the joints.  Depending on your ability level, you may enjoy walking with an incline on the treadmill or taking a nature hike on a local trail. 
  4. Bodyweight exercises are great for those trying to maintain or increase strength without overstraining muscles and joints.  You can even incorporate household objects like chairs, countertops, and stairs for an at home workout.  Try the following exercises for yourself and feel the burn!
    1. Squat to chair
    2. Step ups
    3. Modified pushup using a countertop 
  5. Those who want a little extra challenge may incorporate dumbbells into their workouts.  Lightweight dumbbells can be a great addition to your strength workout.  Try some bicep curls, overhead presses, and tricep extensions for a quick arm workout! 

We hope these exercises inspire you to stay active!  Remember to consult your physician before starting a new exercise regimen. 

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