The Easiest-to-Maintain Houseplants for a Mental Health Boost

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Studies show that being around plants not only helps with your physical health (hello, clean air!) but also with your mental health by creating a sense of well-being and calm. However, not every plant is easy to maintain, so we’ve rounded up a list of the most forgiving houseplants for you here:

  1. Aloe Vera: Who doesn’t love aloe vera? Not only is it a fantastic natural pharmaceutical, but it’s also extremely easy to keep healthy. Let the soil dry between waterings and keep it in a bright place (under artificial or natural sunlight). You’ll have a very happy, beautiful aloe vera plant to brighten up your home! 
  2. Snake Plant: Don’t let the name scare you. Snake plants are lovely additions to your home with their tall striped leaves. Snake plants can grow in bright indirect light or even shadier corners of your home. Allow the soil to be mostly dried out between waterings.  
  3. Pothos: Sometimes referred to as Devil’s Ivy, Pothos is known for its large golden and green leaves. The plant grows relatively quickly, especially when receiving bright, indirect sunlight and proper watering. Allow the top inch of soil to dry between waterings for the best results.  
  4. Cactus: There are so many fun cacti varieties from which to choose. Some even bloom throughout the year, adding some bright and vibrant color to your home. Desert cacti prefer strong sunlight, whereas forest cacti prefer bright, indirect sunlight. Cacti can be watered when the soil is pretty dry. 
  5. Jade Plant: The gorgeous Jade plant retains water in its round leaves and is known for its ability to go without being watered for as long as a month. It enjoys growing by a sunny window and can be watered when its soil is dry.  

*Please note that the above plants may be toxic if consumed, so they should be kept away from pets and small children. 

Happy planting! 

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