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One of the most difficult parts about dying is not knowing what kind of legacy you will leave.  How will your loved ones remember you?  Who will carry on your traditions?  What kind of impact did you make on the lives of others?  Living funerals aim to alleviate some of this stress by allowing you to listen in on eulogies written by friends and family before you pass.  

What is a living funeral? 

A living funeral is a celebration of life in which the person whose life you are celebrating is still very much alive and present.  It can either be a supplement or alternative to a traditional funeral.  Living funerals became more popular upon the release of the book “Tuesdays with Morrie,” in which Morrie Schwartz hosts his own living funeral. 

Why host a living funeral? 

Even when someone is dying, death can be hard to speak openly about.  Hosting a living funeral not only provides closure for all attending, but also provides a safe space for attendees to talk about death.  It’s essentially a designated time for both loved ones and the soon-to-be deceased to tell stories, grant forgiveness, discuss final wishes, and ultimately, celebrate a meaningful life. 

How do I go about planning a living funeral? 

Perhaps one of the most magical things about throwing a living funeral is it’s such a new concept that there really aren’t any established ways of doing things.  You can just as easily get away with hosting your living funeral in an auditorium as you can in your living room, and decor is whatever you make it to be!  If you decide to throw a living funeral for yourself or your loved one, rest assured that however you go about it will be just right! 

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