Healthy Aging Month

September is “Healthy Aging Month.” It’s no secret that as we age, our bodies change. We might notice more wrinkles or gray hair, and the aches and pains of old age may start to creep in. Here are some focus areas for those who want to age healthily.

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5 Benefits of Respite Care

Respite care is a service that provides a break for caregivers. It’s a time away from caring for your loved one, and it’s good for both the caregiver and the person being cared for.

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Cremation or Burial?

Cremations are becoming more and more popular in the United States. This article looks at the benefits of cremation, how it differs from traditional burials,

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The Cost of a Funeral

A funeral is an expensive event, especially if you choose not to have your loved one cremated, so it is important that you start planning and saving early on.

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4 Ways to Help a Grieving Child

Death is never easy, especially when you’re a child. We all remember the first time we experienced it-whether it was our pet or one of our parents. It’s tough to know what to say or do for someone who is grieving, and often times they will take solace in their own way. But there are a few things you can do to make it easier and a little less lonely for them.

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Initial steps to take after a terminal diagnosis

Terminal diagnosis is a term used to describe an illness that cannot be cured. This type of illness will not go away and there are no treatments available to make the disease go into remission. It usually means death is imminent, with most patients living for six months or less after diagnosis.  It’s difficult to provide hope when there isn’t any available treatment or cure. The following article explores a few steps you can take to plan for the inevitable.

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