Difficult Decisions: When to Consider Hospice Care

Being the primary decision maker for someone means weighing out all of their options and choosing the one that you believe will give them the best possible quality of life for as long as possible. One of these options is hospice care.

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5 Meaningful Activities to Do with Someone who is Terminally Ill

It’s not uncommon to feel at a loss of things to say or do around someone who is terminally ill. Regardless of your loved one’s physical or mental ability, here are 5 meaningful activities you can do to show your care, love, and support.

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Staying in Touch with Your Loved One During COVID-19 Times

COVID-19 has made everything difficult, but it has made spending time with terminally ill friends and family who are in group homes or hospital settings nearly impossible. As we impatiently wait for the day that everything can go back to what was “normal” before COVID-19 came into the picture, here are some ways you can be there for your loved one without physically being there.

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20 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hospice Provider

End-of-life can be an overwhelming experience for many patients and their families. The right hospice can help alleviate some of this stress. Be sure the hospice provider you choose meets your needs by asking these questions.

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Celebrating Normally Joyous Occasions with Those Who are Terminally Ill

We’ve made it through 2020 – a serious accomplishment.  In any other circumstances, you would be wishing […]

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Medicare Hospice Benefit vs. Medicare Home Health Benefit

There are some big differences between Hospice and Home Health in terms of what is covered by Medicare Benefits.

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